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Cement Rendering Sydney

We have the expertise to Cement render your home in a stylish and affordable way to give it a new lease of life. Our rendering services include updates to your home, fence, garage, and/or retaining wall. Cement rendering Sydney is the home improvement current trend and we will do it for you without any fuss. The cement rendered look is an added benefit of a modern outlook and minimum time is needed to achieve exquisite results.

Samaha Cement Rendering Sydney offer a range of award winning cement rendering services and advice. With over 30 years experience in the Sydney area, our quality worksmanship has stood the test of time. We have a strong focus on delivering every project on time and with exceptional quality. We cater for clients of all sizes in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

Cement Rendering Sydney | Bagging | Setting | Acrylic Rendering Sydney | Commercial Cement Rendering Sydney | Residential Cement Rendering Sydney | Cement Render Sydney

Residential Cement Rendering Sydney

We specialise more in doing rendering work on new building contructions from apartment blocks, townhouses to brand new homes.

Commercial Cement Rendering Sydney

Ensuring that all your Rendering requirements are professionally and promptly completed the first time, no matter how complex, meaning no disruption for other trades or issues for you.

Acrylic Rendering Sydney

Modified cement based renders designed to provide weather resistant, decorative, render finishes, suitable for application over most building material substrates in interior and exterior wall.

Bagging and Setting Services in Sydney

We have skilled & professional personnel capable of delivering state of the art, quality & affordable cement rendering service in Sydney NSW.

All Types of Rendering in Sydney & NSW

Through our experiences at rendering Sydney, we will tailor a sound plan specifically designed for your project, which will incorporate:

Work Place Health & Safety Management Systems in Place - WMS, Site Inductions, Incident Recording and Reporting, MSDS, Tagging and Recording / Reporting


Fully Insured and Licensed - Workers Compensation, Public Liability, NSW and QLD Licensing


Quality Assurance Systems - assessment before, during and upon completion along with Follow up Warranties including that of Dulux & Rockcote